Let's be honest. Weight loss can be a touchy subject, but the importance of maintaining a healthy weight can no longer be denied. Research has shown many times over the significant risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, sleep apnea, and even mortality that is associated with obesity. 

We live in a time of ever-increasing obesity rates in U.S. and it is getting hard to ignore the impacts of this on our health system. 

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In 2017 a study revealed that 71.6% of all American adults age 20 and older were considered obese. This has to be addressed! The good news is that weight loss in this day and age is much more accessible than ever before. Here are some examples of how New Theory can assist you in your weight loss journey:



By saturating oxytocin receptors of the ventral tegmental area, this hormone has been shown to decrease overall food desire, thereby decreasing appetite. 


This sympathomimetic stimulates the release of specific neurotransmitters, specifically dopamine and norepinephrine, tricking your mind into feeling full.

MIC B12 Injectable

This combination injection facilitates weight loss by aiding in the breakdown of fat and in the use of food for energy. 


Peptide hormone that stimulates growth, cell reproduction, and cell regeneration. 

There are many other tools we offer to promote weight loss. We also have a licensed dietitian available for assistance with diet modification and meal tracking in order to instill lifestyle changes that shed fat, build muscle, and allow for continued weight management. 

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