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Meet our team of healthcare professionals dedicated to helping you meet your health and aesthetic goals.

At New Theory Medical we stay informed of the latest advances in integrative medicine and longevity research so you don't have to. We pride ourselves in our ability to develop individualized treatment plans to meet your specific needs and promote vitality. 

The advances of science have allowed us to take a deeper look into why and how we age and, in doing so, we have the opportunity to slow the aging process and improve quality of life along the way. It is time to realize that you no longer have to stand by as your energy, focus, and stamina slip away as the years pass, but you can take control of your health and preserve your youth for years to come! 

We have multiple membership programs designed to meet the needs of adults at varying stages of life.

Join us and start living the life that you deserve!


Our friendly staff is ready to help you.

Caleb Frink, AGACNP

Hello! My name is Caleb Frink. I am a licensed Nurse Practitioner with a background in internal medicine, aesthetics, and anti-aging. My journey through the medical field has allowed me to treat many varieties of conditions across the adult lifespan. 

Being able to see and experience the possibilities of the ever-evolving field of longevity research and health optimization has ignited a passion in me to bring this information to those who strive to be better each day. 

Kaylee Branzell, RN

Kaylee is a Board-Certified Registered Nurse passionate about quality patient care. Kaylee grew up in Northern Nevada and graduated in 2011 from the University of Nevada, Reno with a Bachelor Degree in Nursing. Kaylee has over 11 years of experience in aesthetics and her attention to detail and passion for helping people is evident with each patient she cares for. She looks forward to helping you meet your goals and feel your best.

Halee Frink, MS,RD,LD, CNSC

Hi there! My name is Halee Frink, and I am a licensed and registered dietitian. Nutrition is my passion throughout all walks of life. I specialize in nutrition therapy as a tool to aid in promoting better quality of life, and helping you become your best self. 

Whether you are looking to learn about healthy eating, weight management, or address a specific health concern, I am ready and willing to help guide you along the right path to help you reach and maintain your goals! 

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